You will either fight or die…

Black on white race war in progress!

Angry White Dude

Every day brings a new story of another “senseless death” of an innocent white person at the hands of “urban youths” somewhere in America. “Senseless death” is what the PC propaganda media refers to violent, out-of-control black on white crime. WWII vets beaten to death, babies shot between the eyes in botched robberies, Australian visitors shot for gang initiation, the ghetto contingent in America has shown both its blatant disregard for humanity but also their absolute hatred of white people. In the ghetto black community, murdering an innocent white person brings accolades and credibility! Is that what MLK dreamed for his community? I don’t think so. Is this what Trayvon would have wanted? Absolutely! Just read his Twitter comments!

…After 50+ years of reparations, blacks were supposed to be at the same performance levels as other races. Trillions of dollars have been spent on giving them every opportunity to succeed. But it all has failed. The Great Society destroyed the black community. Social programs and welfare have sapped responsibility and decency from too many in black America. Yes, AWD realizes that not every black person is a criminal. There are millions of respectful black people who play a very significant part in contributing to America. But when 3% of America’s population (black males 18-49) commits 51% of the violence and murders, something is severely out of whack!…


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Related: WW II vet survived Okinawa; beaten to death by black teens

…An 88-year-old World War II vet who was wounded at Okinawa has died from head injuries suffered in a beating outside his lodge in in Spokane, Wash., apparently by two teenagers…


Daughter-in-law says WWII Veteran Delbert Benton beaten to death with big heavy flashlights 

…“I don’t care who you are, you don’t beat up an old man,” Denison said. “You’re supposed to respect your elders, not beat them to death.”…



Update: CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: Chris Lane murder: Is a racist dimension of the crime being discounted? …   Yes. Next question?


Update 2: ENTIRELY RANDOM, NON-RACE-BASED ACTS OF VIOLENCE: James Woods leads call for justice for slain World War II vet Delbert Belton…   “Don’t let him die without anyone caring.”


Update 3:   Really? Democratic Congressman says President Obama has improved race relations

Apparently Congressman James Clyburn (D-SC) hasn’t been following the news. During an interview on Sirius XM’s The Morning Briefing on Wednesday, Rep. Clyburn – the third highest-ranking Democrat in the House – praised President Obama for improving race relations…


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