‘You’re a Fraud!’…

…Al Gore Heckled in Florida

Meredith Jessup
The Blaze

On the campaign trail in Tampa, Fla., with Democratic Senate candidate Kendrick Meek, climate alarmist Al Gore and his assumptions about the world’s temperatures were confronted by outspoken skeptics who shouted down the former vice president, calling global warming a “hoax.”

If you listen carefully, you can hear Gore blame this year’s flooding in Pakistan on his theory of global warming.  “What happened in Pakistan with those big downpours, nothing like that’s ever happened there before.  Before that happened, one of their cities had a temperature of 129 degrees — all-time record.”

Unfortunately for Gore, scientific evidence does not seem to back his claims.  The Indus River region of Pakistan receives heavy downpours every year during its monsoon season, when the torrential rains sweep inland off the Indian Ocean and results in annual flooding.  The 2010 monsoon season was particularly bad and has affected many more people than in recent years, but it’s not the first time the region has seen an influx in rainfall or flooding.

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Update: On the other hand…from Verum Serum, Climate Fanatics’ Cult of Gore

[Yep. Go to that link to see more of those creepy, violent videos about saving polar bears, puppies, and stuff…]

Warning: This is extremely disgusting, especially the first portion:

“Remember…this is science, not a death cult.”

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