“It’s just wrong to judge other cultures.”

Blazing Cat Fur

Bibi Aisha, Afghanistan. Photo: Jodi Bieber. Click on the image to enlarge

Moments of Startling Clarity
Moral education programming in Ontario today
by Dr. Stephen L. Anderson

…”…The picture is horrific. Aisha’s beautiful eyes stare hauntingly back at you above the mangled hole that was once her nose. Some of my students could not even raise their eyes to look at it. I could see that many were experiencing deep emotions.

“But I was not prepared for their reaction. I had expected strong aversion; but that’s not what I got. Instead, they became confused. They seemed not to know what to think. They spoke timorously, afraid to make any moral judgment at all. They were unwilling to criticize any situation originating in a different culture. They said, ‘Well, we might not like it, but maybe over there it’s okay.’ One student said, ‘I don’t feel anything at all; I see lots of this kind of stuff.’…

“…it is clear that the message of women’s rights had been, in the case of Bibi Aisha, outshouted by the metamessage too often embedded in these programs–that there are no real standards, no certain moral truths, and no final ground to stand on…”

Read the Professor’s entire article–and see a photo of of Bibi Aisha’s healing progress –at Blazing Cat Fur.

Here is the story of her American surgeons, Dr. Peter H. Grossman and Dr. Stefan Knauss. As of December 2010, the doctors who have evaluated her say she was not ready at that time “for the endurance test of reconstructive surgery…” But please follow the links: her story is just one of too, too many and we must make ourselves understand the culture of Shariah. We cannot be neutral or indifferent where evil and cruelty is concerned.

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