'1600 Versailles Avenue'

10 February 2014




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Michelle Malkin smacks down lib misrepresentation of journo fawning over FLOTUS’ dress

…The mockery of yet another MSM member’s love affair with the Obamas kicked in fast, and the Thomas-inspired hashtag #BowDownWednesday soon followed.

Libs are now desperately attempting to disguise the mockery of sycophantic Obama-loving “journalists” as criticism of the mere fact that Michelle Obama wore a fancy dress to a state dinner…

…The Left quickly circles the wagons when any sycophantic Obama-loving MSM journos are mocked because they realize their assets are under attack, which tends to only confirm the lib bias the MSM’s critics allege…



Update:  Barack and Michelle Don’t Want the Peasants to Eat This Well

… a 2,500 calorie menu that did not feature the carrot sticks and whole grain breads mandated by Mrs. Obama for the peasants…



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