200,000 elderly will lose their home care

Weak and vulnerable pay price of bank bailout
Daily Mail/London
07th September 2009

More than 200,000 frail elderly people will lose meals on wheels and other care at home in a savage round of cutbacks.

Only the most seriously sick and disabled will retain the right to free meals and help with washing, cleaning and shopping by next year.

Rising demand and costs are forcing social services to restrict home assistance, a Whitehall report reveals.

It provides strong evidence that the weakest and most vulnerable are likely to suffer first from spending cuts that will follow the Government’s decision to plough vast amounts into saving failed banks and financial institutions.

Local councils have long found it easier to make savings by cutting services for the elderly rather than more widely visible targets, such as closing swimming pools.

They are also deeply reluctant to antagonise powerful public sector unions by reducing jobs or pay for their staff.

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(Note: £7 billion is approximately $11.4 billion)

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