3 interesting developments in the US energy sector today


Shall I give you the good news first?

US District Court Judge Martin Feldman of New Orleans has found the Department of Interior in civil contempt for continuing the Gulf drilling moratorium against his orders.

Yes, folks. You heard that correctly. Back in June Judge Feldman had refused, at the Interior Department’s request, to delay the decision’s effects after he earlier struck down the moratorium. Now the judge has found the Interior Department in contempt for failure to adhere to his ruling. House Natural Resources Committee Chair Doc Hastings issued a press release today.

“The federal judge’s initial ruling striking the offshore moratorium and his most recent decision to hold Interior in contempt of court correctly puts the letter of the law ahead of the Obama Administration’s agenda. Hopefully this ruling takes us one step closer to ending the de facto drilling moratorium in the Gulf, which will put people back to work and allow us to start producing more of our own energy at home.”…

Power Plants Go Down in Texas, State Buys Electricity from Mexico

Texas? Has to BUY electricity from Mexico? Yep. They sure do right now. The state, according to the Institute for Energy Research, holds one quarter of our oil reserves and 30% of our natural gas reserves, and receives almost half of it’s electricity from natural gas and 35% from coal…

…And now onto this little tidbit of news, h/t to Kenny Solomon, which I’m sure no one is surprised about:

As Egypt Burns, Obama Fiddles in PA to Announce “Clean Energy”

From Reuters:

With U.S. unemployment at 9.4 percent despite signs of economic recovery, Obama’s push for green energy jobs is an important part of his high-stakes effort to tackle joblessness — the problem most on the minds of voters, even as issues like the turmoil in Egypt dominate the headlines.

Hey Mr. Obama. Isn’t it a little ironic while visiting Pennsylvania you are standing right on top of the Marcellus Shale which contains huge amounts of our coal and natural gas? The Obama administration wouldn’t give any details, but stated all these “clean energy upgrades” for commercial buildings would be paid for by eliminating tax subsidies for oil, natural gas, coal and other fossil fuels. Surprise!…

Read the entire article at RedState.com

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