5 (and a Half) Reasons the Times of London Named Nigel Farage Their ‘Briton of the Year’

Breitbart London
28 Dec 2014

If you scanned Twitter over the past 24 hours you might be forgiven for thinking that UKIP leader Nigel Farage was awarded the Nobel Prize for Quantum Physics, such was the mass condemnation from lefty trolls over the award actually given to him by the Times of London newspaper: Briton of the Year.

Conservative Party activists and left-wingers alike were quick to share memes claiming that Mr Murdoch’s paper had handed the award to a “racist” (yes, that’s still all they’ve got) and liken the award to Time Magazine naming Adolf Hitler man of the year in 1938. It may well have been the fastest breach of Godwin’s Law in the internet’s short history, with some confusing Time Magazine and the Times newspaper altogether.

But the award may have been more to do with the paper’s admission of guilt, having mischaracterised and demonised UKIP as both hobby and policy for the past several years. Under stewardship by Conservative Party donor, Executive Editor Lord Finkelstein, the paper has railed against UKIP in no small terms; even representing a few of its journalists as “Investigations Reporters” when indeed it seems they were hired specifically to root out or concoct anti-UKIP stories.

Here are some of the reasons the Times might have had for offering Mr Farage the prize…



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