600 American Contractors Reportedly Stranded By U.S. Government In Iraq; President Goes Golfing

Obama Regime: “Too Politically Sensitive” To Evacuate Our Embassy

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According to Fox, the Obama regime doesn’t at this point intend to evacuate the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, despite the fact that ISIS is within 70 miles of Baghdad, because it is “too politically sensitive to do so”.

In addition to those at the Embassy, many Americans are still reportedly in Iraq, including a reported 600 contractors that were seeking to be evacuated from an Iraqi military base. The U.S. government apparently evacuated a small number of U.S. personnel, but did not evacuate the contractors. Some of the contractors have allegedly been evacuated by Iraqi Army planes, others were still waiting. They are no longer at that airbase, but for obvious reasons we do not want to be more specific about where they might be. We believe based on latest information, that those particular contractors should now be out aboard Iraqi Army planes, without U.S. help, in the words of one family member, “Obama AWOL”. We will keep you informed as we find out more about their safety.

Meanwhile, President Obama is fundraising and then off to Palm Springs for more golf.



Also at the site, ISIS Commander Tells Cheering Crowd In Mosul: “We Have Defeated The Americans . . . We Will Establish A State Ruled By The Koran”…



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ISIS Cheer World Cup With Decapitated Head as “Football” (Warning: Graphic Image)


A map found by CAJ’s WordBoss. The full sized image is here.

Update: The map was created in 2010 and is at Mr. Kulowiec’s World Studies


 Muslim_distribution Map


They all laughed when Glenn Beck wrote “Caliphate” on the blackboard. Video is from 1 February 2011. Establishment Republicans and media howled like hyenas. Maybe they should have revisited 11th grade world history class.


Update: Obama in 2011: ‘We’re Leaving Behind A Stable And Self-Reliant Iraq’ (video)

As Iraq spirals out of control, it’s become clear that, once again, the Obama administration has been caught off guard. Worse? Given Barack Obama’s assessment in 2011, this should never have happened…


Obama: We Don’t Leave Soldiers Behind 3 June 2014

…“We don’t leave soldiers behind. … Whatever those circumstances may turn out to be, we still get an American soldier back if he’s held in captivity. Period. Full stop,” Obama said at a news conference in Poland…


Update 2: 500 U.S. Citizens Fighting for Their Lives in Iraq—Obama Denies Air Support Needed to Save Them

Right now, over 500 Americans are fighting for their lives at the Balad Air Base in Iraq. They’re completely surrounded by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS forces. and have been utterly abandoned by our “never leave anyone behind” US military. The US air cover needed to facilitate a rescue have been withheld, even though they are DOD Contractors, there to assist our military. It’s been left to the Iraqi military to evacuate our own citizens, but many remain trapped, not just in Balad, but throughout Iraq.

The Iraqi military and Iraqi security forces laid down their weapons and fled as the ISIS forces approached, abandoning our citizens to face the oncoming terrorist forces alone. Our own government has done exactly the same thing.

Here’s an SOS sent from on the ground…



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