A billionaire Democrat donor announces a scheme for suppressing Republican votes

Does anyone care?

Phil Kerpen
The Federalist

San Francisco offshore hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer is the biggest donor in American politics by a country mile. As of the most recent round of disclosures, he had contributed $42,725,000 to elect Democrats, which is more than the top 31 Republican donors—combined. So of course when the Arlington-based liberal blog Politico obtained a Steyer strategy memo last month, they headlined their story “Memo: Value in anti-Koch attacks” and completely ignored the shocking voter suppression strategy advocated by Steyer’s top political hand, Chris Lehane…

…Just imagine for a moment the wailing and gnashing of teeth if a memo from a billionaire conservative donor announced a “Democrat Haircut Strategy” to use smears and false attacks to depress Democratic turnout. The Steyer strategy is just that: use his billions to muddy the waters with vicious, unsubstantiated attacks in the hopes of depressing Republican turnout. And Politico had this story a month ago, but wrote another article attacking the Kochs instead.



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