A ‘dog whistle’ for the left

Americans are starting to hear the lies in Obama’s signals to his base

Andrew P. Napolitano
The Washington Times

…When it comes to understanding the powers of the federal government, Mr. Geithner is in the Wilson and Roosevelt camp. Those of us who believe in maximum individual liberty are in the Madison camp. Yet, Mr. Geithner tipped his hand a bit earlier this week in a new memoir, and that tip caught the public’s attention.

The tip revealed that in 2009, shortly before his first round of interviews as Treasury secretary on the Sunday morning television network talk shows, Mr. Geithner endured a prep session administered to him by Dan Pfeiffer, then the senior adviser to Mr. Obama. Mr. Pfeiffer instructed Mr. Geithner to suggest to the American public that Social Security is operating in the black and thus is not a contributing cause of the ballooning federal deficit. He stated that the president needed that message to go out to his base as a “dog whistle to the left” — meaning a signal to the president’s political base, the truth be damned.

Did Mr. Pfeiffer ask Mr. Geithner to lie? The secretary apparently thought so…

…The Geithner allegations bring to sharper focus the litany of Obama administration lies…



The complete article is at The Washington Times.



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