A Libertarian in Hong Kong Speaks Out

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Austin Petersen
The Libertarian Republic
01 Oct 2014

The Freedom Report podcast today interviews an anonymous source in Hong Kong, a libertarian who has been observing the protests and is planning on taking part. Citizens of the city have taken to the streets in recent days to protest the Chinese government’s antidemocratic reforms. This interview discusses the ideological makeup of the Occupy protestors and whether or not these protests could be a repeat of Tiananmen Square.



The 17-Year-Old Leading Thousands to Protest Communism

After his release, the humble, passionate, Wong wrote a message to his Facebook community in response to the many citizens who tell him ‘Hong Kong relies on you’ and call him a hero:

“The hero of the movement is every single Hong Kong citizen.”

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Q&A: Everything You Need to Know About Hong Kong Demonstrations


Update: A photo essay from The Telegraph Hong Kong activists clash with riot police in pro-democracy protests, in pictures



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