A look at Valerie Jarrett


…The TNR piece presents both Obama and Jarrett as alike not only in their high opinions of Obama, but as similar in other ways: drunk with power, and personally petty and vengeful.

(The article doesn’t go into it, but I can guess the identity of the little birdie who whispered in Obama’s ear to write that letter to Ahmadinejad.)

The piece also describes how, slowly but surely, Obama replaced the few independent thinkers who were his early advisors, those with a substantial amount of expertise and a reputation of their own (for example, Larry Summers and Rahm Emmanuel) with what the author calls “ciphers.” For example, “Obama’s top economic adviser is [now] Jeff Zients, a former management consultant and Jarrett pal who had no experience in government before joining the administration.” This was probably done not just for the obvious reason that Obama wants no one with enough moxie and expertise to challenge him. It’s also probably because Jarrett wants no one with enough moxie and expertise to challenge her. The narcissist and his adoring worshipper are flip sides of the same coin— hubristic, petty, ignoranct, isolated, stubborn, intolerant of criticism, secretive, defensive, maximally political, and remarkably adept at offending almost every person with whom they deal. And Scheiber’s descriptions of the meetings that Jarrett was in charge of, with gay activists before Obama made his big gay marriage announcement, describes the ghastly way the gay activists were treated.

Jarrett is his most trusted person on earth, despite (or probably because of) all of this…



The entire article is at Neo-Neocon.

From the comments, “…Donna Brazile thinks Jarretts detractors are sexist. Who could have seen that coming?” Also, All in the family: Valerie Jarrett and the Chicago communists


Update: She ‘is not above keeping a s*** list.’ Pres. Obama won’t like this ‘devastating’ mag piece on adviser Valerie Jarrett



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