A New Report Just Exposed a Shocking Link Between the Boston Bombers and ISIS...

…and It Is Scary

“What is the FBI doing about this?”

B. Christopher Agee
Western Journalism

The Islamic Society mosque in Cambridge, Mass. was understandably subjected to scrutiny after the deadly Boston Marathon bombing conducted by two of its members. Leaders of the religious center quickly and unequivocally repudiated the vicious act, insisting that the Tsarnaev brothers were acting on their own and wholly outside of the influence of their mosque.

A recent New York Post report, however, indicates that the two young men were far from the only radicals to come out of this congregation, offering further reason to suspect it might be a breeding ground for Islamic radicals…

…Among the most disconcerting individuals to hail from the Islamic Society mosque is Ahmad Abousamra, a 32-year-old believed to be the top propagandist for Islamic State, the terrorist organization also known as ISIS. After releasing brutal footage, including the beheading of two Americans, it now appears that a frequent attendee of the Massachusetts mosque was in large part responsible for the graphic message of hate being disseminated worldwide.

He reportedly celebrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks and, as a result, was radicalized to the point that he traveled to the Middle East to receive terrorist training. A federal indictment indicates that he intended to stage a shooting spree at a Boston mall targeting random shoppers…



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