A ‘Perfect Storm’ Brewing in the West?

Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Scenes from this weekend’s anti budget cuts rally in London.

This is London folks. This is not Syria, Libya, or even Greece. This is the heart of a first world nation.

This will be coming to every Western Capital, to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle….., if authorities and the media do not wake up to the fact that communist and anarchist ideas are now deeply rooted in certain sectors of all Western countries.

It is not hard to identify the instigators of this chaos. What is hard, is to find leaders willing to stand up and name and confront these enemies of the free society.

There are additional photographs at New Zeal.

Update: London sees large protests over spending cuts, at the Washington Times. American Power has video and several links from British papers.

Update 2: From the Daily Mail, “The battle of Trafalgar Square: Police struggle to control rioters after 500,000-strong London march against cuts ends in violence.”


Breaking past a small group of police, nearly 1,000 protesters charged into Fortnum & Mason, famed for its wicker picnic hampers and for delivering tea to the Queen.

After forcing themselves through the ground floor doors into the area selling luxury cheese and chocolate at around 4pm, the mob ran amok. Afternoon shoppers, among them dozens of Japanese and American tourists, fled up the stairs, followed by police officers who tried to stop the occupation from spreading.

Activists made speeches on the ornate spiral staircase and baskets full of £5 [$8] bags of Easter bunny chocolates were pushed over and spilled on to the floor.

Sit in: Police finally cleared the store of protesters at about 7pm last night

Black-clad anarchists, wearing face masks to hide their identity, shouted abuse at customers and launched into tirades about class war. One threatened to attack a customer in a restaurant, outraged that they were carrying on eating salmon sandwiches.

A group of menacing extremists stood under the crystal chandeliers and hung posters from metal stair-rails. They threatened to smash display cases full of luxury goods if the police tried to drag them out. Two others daubed anarchist symbols on the dark pink walls as smartly-dressed shop assistants tried to bring order by restacking upturned shelves. Some activists from the group called UK Uncut, which protests against tax avoidance, helped clean up the mess.

Police finally cleared the store of protesters just before 7pm.

Campaigners claimed they targeted the 300-year-old store because its owners are at the centre of a £40million tax avoidance row. Protesters also occupied Vodafone, Boots and BHS stores on Oxford Street for the same reason .

Sally Mason, one of the protesters who occupied the store, said: ‘Fortnum & Mason is a symbol of wealth and greed. It is where the Royal Family and the super-rich do their weekly shop and a picnic hamper costs £25,000.

‘This sits in stark contrast to everyone else who is struggling to make ends meet, fill in their tax returns and benefit forms and facing huge student debts, unemployment and the closure or dismantling of local services such as the NHS, libraries and leisure centres.’

Canadian businessman Garfield Weston bought Fortnum’s in the Fifties and the store is now run by his granddaughters, Jana Khayat and Kate Weston Hobhouse.


Update: The Daily Mail has updated the story with new photos and video.

Update 2: Van Helsing at Moonbattery warns America:

…The white stuff is paint. The cockroaches with the masks are the result of generations that were never expected to take any responsibility for their own parasitical existences. They are Britain’s post-civilization future, bred by the Dole [welfare/entitlements~CAJ].

Next comes authoritarian collectivism, a totalitarian form of serfdom.

If this could happen to Britain, it could happen to America — and it will, if the disease is not cured quickly.

Our favorite comment on the posting:

There’s a reason you have never, and will never see such a disgrace occurring in NYC.

An attempt was made by a similar coterie of confused punks to disrupt the RNC when it was held in NYC some years back.

Before anyone could so much as fart, over 1000 found themselves sleeping on the concrete floor of Sanitation Dept maintenance piers on the westside.

No NYC cop with an iota of self-respect would ever permit some skinny shit throw anything into his face, then allow himself to be photographed.

This is not the first time that the London police have appeared utterly impotent and helpless in the face of mob street crime. These are not acts of legitimate ‘political expression’. The punks in black are criminals, and should be treated as such.

London seems incapable of protecting life and property. They have been reduced to a figment of ‘law enforcement’.

Forget the fact that, if you haven’t noticed, they are still unarmed.

What assholes.

Posted by: jamoke at March 26, 2011 2:01 PM

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