A referendum in Britain? Let the people speak!

Farage video: The EU is the Titanic, but Britain is in a lifeboat

The Astute Bloggers

[MEP Nigel]Farage has been warning that the EU was headed for economic and democratic disaster for years–well before the current crisis…

…Britain might escape the EU debacle…

…But there are hurdles ahead:

I pray the British get the referendum.

There are more great videos at The Astute Bloggers.

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Update: Britain should sign up to vetoed eurozone treaty, says Nick Clegg

The Deputy Prime Minister said the new treaty on fiscal union should be “folded into” the existing EU rules.

That would require the UK to give its consent to an agreement that Mr Cameron refused to back last month.

In a joint statement with other Liberal leaders, Mr Clegg made clear he wants to end Britain’s role outside the new treaty, effectively reversing Mr Cameron’s historic veto.

Clegg warned today that Europe could only overcome the economic crisis by sticking together and avoiding “needless rivalry and isolation”.

Seeking to re-engage with European leaders in the wake of David Cameron’s treaty veto, the Deputy Prime Minister insisted: “We will not sort out this crisis by falling apart.”

There’s a video at the link.

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