A ‘sham’ compromise health care bill waiting in the wings

September 26, 2009
by Dennis B. Cooke, MD
and Carolyn Cooke
American Thinker

In the background, behind all of the noise around the Baucus bill and the endless appearances by Obama, is another healthcare bill that has been given little attention. A flawed bill this worrisome legislation appears to be waiting in the wings. The Healthy Americans Act (HHA), or Wyden-Bennett, was re-introduced to Congress in February, 2009. Written by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden (D) and Utah Senator Bob Bennett (R), it has a bi-partisan group of co-sponsors in the Senate.

Will Wyden-Bennett be trotted out as another “grand compromise” piece of legislation? A coalition of Senators from both sides of the aisle may very well intend to ride in on their white horses with a massive public relations campaign in hopes of convincing the American people they have listened to our outrage. They are already saying they have crafted a bipartisan solution to America’s healthcare problems that offers universal coverage while preserving the free market. Sen. Wyden says his plan will be the one, speaking at a meeting with directors of the Pima County Medical Society in Oregon in May, 2009

The truth is Wyden-Bennett is a backdoor takeover by the Congress of the entire insurance marketplace. The result would lead to a complete nationalization of our healthcare system. It may well be the bill Obama and members of the United States Congress have intended to legislate all along.

Wyden-Bennett is the most overreaching and dangerous threat to our liberties of any of the bills in existence.

…Four other RINOs, Republicans-In-Name-Only, have joined Democrats to co-sponsor the Healthy Americans Act (S 391). The RINOs on the Senate Finance committee who have so far formally given support by signing on as co-sponsors of the bill are Lindsay Graham (SC), Michael Crapo (ID), Lamar Alexander (TN), and Judd Gregg (NH).

The lack of integrity demonstrated by the Republicans and Democrats who are co-sponsoring and supporting this government takeover of healthcare is matched by the lack of respect they demonstrate for the American people who have spoken loudly against more government intervention in the system. They either still believe “we the people” are stupid or complacent.

If their intention is to lie about Wyden-Bennett and sell it as a necessary ‘compromise’ that satisfies the concerns of the American people, they have another think coming.
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