A terror attack on Eiffel Tower thwarted?

Eiffel Tower Terror Attack Thwarted?

14 September 2010

Today the French Senate ratified the ban on face veils passed by the National Assembly in July. A few hours later at 9pm local time the Eiffel Tower and surrounding area were evacuated following a bomb alert. Some 2,000 people left the Tower itself and a further 25,000 vacated its immediate vicinity. The BBC notes that France has been on a heightened state of alert since 2 August following threats from a Maghrebian branch of al-Qaeda, but for some reason its report makes no reference to the ratification of the veil ban. This is the second time this year that the Eiffel Tower has been associated with an Islamist terror plot, for back in June it was reported that plans for an attack using a helicopter and poison gas had been uncovered. The ban itself, notes the Daily Mail, was passed by a huge majority of 246 votes to one in the Senate. There were however, a small number of abstentions.

Hopefully, should a bomb be present the French police will manage to defuse it and no harm will come to anyone or to this iconic Parisian symbol. Once again the threat of Islamist terror has made itself felt in the non-Muslim world, just a little over a week after a coalition of French secularist groups staged a series of anti-Islamisation protests under the banner of the Grand Apéritif Républicain to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the foundation of the French Third Republic. These demonstrations led to the issuing of a Facebook Fatwa against their organiser Christine Tasin, which soon demonstrated its ugly reality through a number of death threats including one from the utterly inappropriately named black Islamo-French rapper ‘Cortex’.

In France, Germany, Holland, the UK, Denmark, and many other European countries, the presence of the Muslim minority is having a disproportionately influential and negative impact upon the lives and liberties of their respective citizenries. We are however beginning to see the crystallisation of popular resistance to Islamisation and a groping towards its political articulation…

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Update: Eiffel Tower bomb threat was a false alarm

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