Abbas aide sex tape scandal shakes Palestinians

Karin Laub and Mohammed Daraghmeh
Associated Press
Feb 12 2010

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) – Palestinian officials on Friday rallied around a top aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas after a video surfaced showing him in the nude in an alleged attempt to trade his influence for sex.

The footage of Rafiq Husseini, shot by a former Palestinian intelligence officer, has raised an uproar in conservative Palestinian society.

In the video, broadcast by Israeli TV earlier this week, Husseini is shown undressing in a bedroom and calling out to an unseen woman, heard speaking off camera, to join him. “Do I turn off the light or do you? What is the procedure?” Husseini is heard asking the woman.

The former Palestinian intelligence officer, Fahmi Shabaneh, said he secretly took the footage in collusion with the unidentified woman. He said the woman had complained to him that Husseini was making suggestive remarks when she went to his office to ask for help with a family problem. Shabaneh said he then installed cameras in the woman’s bedroom and filmed Husseini’s next encounter with the woman.

The video was first broadcast by Israel’s Channel 10 TV on Wednesday, and Husseini has declined comment. He was expected to present his case later Friday on Palestine TV.

Abbas, who is traveling in the Far East and due back in the West Bank on Monday, has not commented.

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Taliban Rape Tapes: A ‘Muslim Abu Ghraib’
Brad Thor

With breaking news out of Palestine today that a top aide to President Mahmoud Abbas has been literally caught with his pants down [article above], rape tapes seem to be popping up all over the pious Muslim world. And some are horrifically worse than others.

Last month on the FOX Business Network, Colonel Oliver North revealed a startling piece of information. Conservative mullahs and elements within the Haqqani terror network – known as the backbone of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in the Af/Pak theater – are working to take the Haqqanis down from the inside. Their key weapon is a disturbing video that shows the serial sexual assault of several young girls.

Colonel North explained that no one in American intelligence had yet seen this video

The article, with embedded video, is at The video comes with this warning: ***STRONGEST POSSIBLE CONTENT WARNING. NOT SAFE FOR WORK***

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