ACORN the pimp

by Kevin Jackson
The Black Sphere
September 11, 2001

Democrats have declared themselves the de facto party of civil rights, in spite of their dismal record on race in the past. They are given a pass because Democrats are credited with establishing entitlements to deal with America’s poor and disenfranchised.

Over the years, Democrats have relied on these entitlements to maintain a continual underclass with programs like welfare, while federal agencies did the dirty work of keeping the poor trapped in the system. Fed entitlement programs became a Hotel California of sorts, where as the lyrics of the song say, “You can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave.” The poor find themselves trapped in a system that seduces, then strangles.

Like all good systems, the entitlement system set up by Democrats has evolved, with non-profit organizations being the new covert operatives. These operatives allow a shell game to be played on the American taxpayer. A shell game that keeps America’s poor and disenfranchised in virtual prisons of their own construction. ACORN is one such non-profit operative.

We learned a while back that ACORN is involved in voter fraud and accepting money specifically targeted for the extermination of black babies. However, in an undercover operation by two ordinary but concerned citizens, the people of ACORN in Baltimore are caught on tape helping a young woman and her gentleman consort commit even more heinous crimes. Read more here…

Kevin Jackson is the author of The Big Black Lie and host of the online program, The Black Sphere Radio Show Monday evenings, 9-11 PM Eastern Time. Past shows are available on the website.

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