ACORN, The Unions And Obama

September 16, 2009
Freedom’s Wings Blog

The trifecta of corruption, insider community organizing and crime is oozing towards the surface of an Alinksy/Chicago government thugocracy like pus drawn from a wound. Our initial worries over some unholy alliances of candidate Obama with the likes of Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis and Jeremiah Wright were just the beginning of what we would discover after Obama became president. We did not pay as much attention to the groups that Obama associated himself with and worked for, nor the groups that filled his campaign coffers. Or should I say that mainstream America did not pay attention. Now they must after several tapes have surfaced via Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart’s of an undercover operation within ACORN proving that this community organization has more than just voter fraud charges to worry about. Currently five offices from several different states in America have been taped offering advise in how to engage in criminal activities like money laundering, tax evasion and underage prostitution.

ACORN has flown under the radar for decades. The Presidency of Barack Obama has brought an illuminating light over the inner workings of ACORN. During the 2008 Presidential Campaign, allegations of voter fraud surfaced as dead people were registered to vote and even cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse. ACORN had sent out young people to get people registered to vote and they threw those young people under the bus claiming they were rogue employees when the allegations came to light. The media quietly dropped the story and everyone moved on. The Obama administration would later reward ACORN for all their hard work in getting him elected with putting them in charge of the government 2010 Census. No mainstream media made mention of the voter fraud charges again although nine states have charged ACORN employees with crimes and convicted thirty of them.

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