ACORN’s favorite nut

Holly Robichaud
‘Lone Republican’ blog
Boston Herald

Last September Congress finally took action to defund ACORN. It was about time with the numerous indictments popping up across the country and the multiple video tapes exposing them trying to encourage illegal activity. Even their top supporter Barney Frank voted for the measure to revoke their funds.

So I think we can all agree that Acorn is a corrupt organization.

According to Acorn’s 2008 scorecard, they rate our Attorney General, Martha Coakley, with an A+. Does this give you concern about Martha? She got a perfect score in every category — Servicing data reservoir, Legal relief against foreclosure, Predatory lending protections, Pipeline for distressed borrowers, Advocate for individuals, Bankruptcy reform, Town hall forums, Pressuring servicers to improve, Advocate state reforms and Extra credit.

Maybe the Acorn score does not send up any red flags for you about her. How about today’s article by Jessica Van Sack about Martha’s failure to properly disclosed her assets? She pulled a Charlie Rangel by forgetting to list over $200,000 in savings. Oops!

Maybe that the Rangel-like omission does not concern you. How about her problems to follow federal campaign finance laws? Or how about her claim on foreign policy credentials? You remember when she talked about her sister living in England.

Is there a pattern here?

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