Adriana Cohen: U.S. must power up grid defenses

Adriana Cohen
The Boston Herald

Imagine a terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11 or worse — in the dark.

With no ability to communicate, no Internet, no utilities, no fuel and no running water. And you can’t access money from an ATM because the electronic banking system where you live is disabled.

The U.S. power grid controls massive swaths of our infrastructure including eCommerce, banking, utilities, transportation, fuel, communications — even our water treatment facilities, just to name a few.

Now the heads of U.S. Cyber Command and the NSA, among other security experts, have come out warning that our ­power grid is vulnerable to a large-scale attack — with potential­ly catastrophic con­­sequences.

Adm. Michael Rogers, NSA’s chief, has testified before Congress that ­China and “one or two” other countries have the ability to launch a cyberattack that could shut down the entire grid and other critical infrastructure.

But that’s not the only threat to our national ­security. ISIS, aka the ­Islamic State, is a growing concern. If terrorists such as ISIS were able to shut down the grid in one major U.S. city, they could inflict mass terror and kill thousands…



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