Afterburner with Bill Whittle: It’s a Miracle!

Bill Whittle

Barack Obama said something stunning. He thinks that government is responsible for private sector success, not individual initiative and hard work. This doesn’t surprise Bill Whittle, who reminds viewers that Obama was surrounded by socialists growing up, and even started his political career in the living room of a radical, violent socialist. See a detailed history of Barack Obama’s left-wing background, on this Afterburner.

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Related: New Obama ad criticizes Romney for saying that Obama said “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen”

Obama Ad Accuses Romney of ‘Launching a False Attack’ for Quoting Obama

Obama Claims He Never Said “You Didn’t Build That”

Wait! What?

What a… surprise: Elizabeth Warren backs up Obama on ‘you didn’t build that’

Unless Obama didn’t say that.

Obama camp video deceptively edits Obama speech to make it sound pro-business via Weasel Zippers

Obama Tells His Supporters To “Press The Mute Button” When They See A Negative Ad Against Him On TV…

Hear no evil.

Update: Obama tells seniors to mute Republican TV spots with ‘scary voices’

Well, hearing the truth about Obamacare rationing should scare our elders.

Update 2: If Obama didn’t mean to say that entrepreneurs didn’t build their own businesses, why doesn’t he retract* the remark


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