Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Sarah Palin was Right

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Bill Whittle wants you to guess who just said that Sarah Palin was right–that there are essentially bureaucratic death panels overseeing Obamacare. A hint: it’s a well known Democrat.


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…Currently the subsidies to congressmen and their staffs is 75% of their total health care cost.  As a result of the deal, the subsidy will continue as is.  So two days ago there was panic on Capitol Hill because members of Congress and their staff, some, were not gonna be able to afford Obamacare.  They weren’t gonna be able to afford the premiums.

I’ll never forget that original story.  It was incredible because these are people that were involved in writing the law.  These were people involved in writing the law, and they make way above the national average, and they make way above the national mean salary, way above it.  And they were whining.  And the story was about how they were panicking.  Yes, they were afraid of a brain drain because these brilliant people were not gonna be able to afford the premiums, and they might have to leave government in order to get health care, this just wasn’t right.

I mean, it fit right in with this model that’s been created, the ruling class versus the country class, and the ruling class, to hell if they’re gonna be bound in the same constraints we are.  The hell if they’re gonna live the same way we do.  They’re better than we are.  They’re above us.  They’re elitists.  They’re a cut above.  They shouldn’t have to have these kinds of pressures.  They’re important.  They don’t need these kind of distractions.  These are really important people, these members of Congress and their staff.  And they ought not have to have this kind of fear in their daily job, ’cause it’s too important.  They ought not have these distractions.  And they actually complained about it…


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Obama Grants Congress Obamacare Reprieve It’s good to be the king. And it’s good to be the nobility too.



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