Al Gore: We need an ‘American Spring’

Restoring Honor, Washington, DC, 8/28/2010

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Al Gore: “We Need To Have An American Spring”

The calls for open revolution by the Progressive/Marxists are getting stronger and stronger. Mixed in it, Gore claims he wants non-violent revolution. He’s lying. Listen to how Russia TV is wording this. They are fomenting outright revolution here in the US. RT is a subversive and Communist propaganda outlet for Russia. Russia would love to see us implode.


…Glenn said that the American Spring is the Tea Party! The people who came to Restoring Honor all paid for their trip, and Glenn and his staff worked for every nickel and dime that paid for that event and still used millions for the Wounded Warrior foundation. On the other hand, the proponents of Globl Warming like Al Gore are making money off the fear they spread to the American people.

“You have to work hard, and you have to live your life with integrity. If we believe those things and we stand for those things and we stand for those things without fear, we will prevail. Darkness cannot conquer light. Darkness doesn’t understand the light. And that’s what you’re seeing. And that’s why they are so fearless. They try to make you feel. It is a trick of the darkness. When you turn on the light, you realize there are no monsters in your room. Darkness has been playing a game with your head since the day you were born. Turn on the light,” Glenn said.

Read the entire article and watch video of Glenn’s reply to Gore here

Washington, DC, 9/12/2009

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Update: Howie at The Jawa Report has taken to calling Al Gorical “al-Gore.” Yeah. It suits him, the self-appointed Imam of AGW.

This would be wildly funny if it weren’t so over-the-top, even for the Alinsky standard-bearers at MSNBC and their six or eight regular viewers.

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