Al-Shabaab To British PM David Cameron: London Terror Attack “Not A ‘Betrayal’ Of Islam But Rather A ‘Portrayal’ Of Islam”…

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The group’s Twitter feed is here. A message from earlier today:




On Facebook, today’s front pages in Britain (a larger view and related links here):




Related: Israeli President Peres Sends Condolence Letter to Queen of England Following Brutal Terror Attack

…“I was deeply saddened and shocked to hear of the terrible attack yesterday in London, it was an act of horrific brutality. In my name and on behalf of the people of Israel, I wish to extend my sincere condolences to the family of the victim and to the people of Britain,” Peres’s note began…


Woolwich killing: The long-feared attack

Wednesday’s events in Woolwich have shocked the UK – but this was precisely the kind of attack that security chiefs have long feared could come.

The warning signs that a soldier would one day be targeted on the streets of Britain can be found in the heart of al-Qaeda’s violent ideology and how that has been interpreted by followers in the UK and other Western nations.

The mindset of violent jihadists is influenced by many different factors – but one common factor among those who have been involved in acts of politically-motivated violence is the basic principle that they oppose a Western presence in the Islamic world…


Woolwich attack: Watch shocking video of terrorists charging at police car to try to kill WPC

The footage obtained by the Daily Mirror reveals how, after beheading the soldier, they hatched a plot to ambush and murder the first police officers to come to his aid…

…When the first police car arrived the pair split up in a pre-planned manoeuvre with knife-wielding Michael Adebolajo charging them head-on, while his accomplice ran up alongside, aiming his revolver at them.  [emphasis CAJ]

The film of the 10 seconds of terror show how Adebolajo got within TWO FEET of the terrified female cop who was driving the armed response vehicle.

She was armed with just a Taser as she sat in the driver’s seat of the BMW X5 and was only saved when a male colleague sitting in the back made a split-second decision to fire his machine-gun from point blank range through the window…


CAJ note: It is illegal to own guns and many types of knives in Britain. Oh, and here’s a surprise:


Woolwich Beheading Suspect Linked With Islamic Hate Preacher

…Abedolajo, a Muslim from a Christian family, has also been linked with hate preacher Anjem Choudary


The Manhood of the West 

…The women came forward. Children in nearby schools were locked down by their teachers.

This incident illustrates, if nothing else, the endpoint of the social engineering of the West. It has been remarkably effective…


Here’s a comforting thought: Islam could be dominant UK religion in 10 years – census analysis

One in 10 people under 25 are Muslim, while Christianity is in decline, the 2011 UK census reveals. An explosion in the Muslim population and an aging Christian demographic could mean Islam will be the dominant religion in the UK in 10 years…



From Iowahawk, a satirical view of politicians and bureaucrats: UK Warning: Look Out For People Doing Things


Update: Unfortunately, this isn’t satire: Obama State Dept: London cleaver attack was ‘senseless violence,’ not terrorism


Melanie Phillips, Denial is still a river in Londonistan

…For more than two decades, the British political and security establishment has gone to extreme lengths to deny the true religious nature of the Islamic jihad, or holy war, against the free world and ‘backsliding’ Muslims (who are the jihad’s most numerous victims). There are several reasons for this state of denial, of which in my view the key is that to the official mind a holy war is such a fearsome prospect – it’s uncontrollable, can last for decades, is driven by wholly irrational motives immune to negotiation and is characterised by unmitigated savagery — they cannot admit that this is what it actually is.

So instead they come up with absurd statements like the one made to me some years ago by a very senior security official, who said this couldn’t be an Islamic religious war because to say it was would demonise all Muslims…



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