Alan Dershowitz offers to help #FreeJustina, says law is CLEAR and on the side of the parents

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Alan Dershowitz told Huckabee tonight that if everything we know about the #FreeJustina case is true, then this is a horrible abuse of human rights and of civil liberties. He said that Massachusetts law is clearly on the side of the parents, pointing out that if there is a conflict in medical opinion over a child under Massachusetts law, the dispute is settled by the parents, not the hospitals or the state. He even offered to help the parents get custody back of their daughter.





Also, Alan Dershowitz: I am pro-choice but Hobby Lobby’s constitutional right is more important than my opinion (video)

Alan Dershowitz sided with Hobby Lobby tonight on Huckabee, pointing out that while he is a liberal Democrat who is pro-choice and agrees with Obamacare, the constitutionally protected right of free exercise of religion trumps his own personal and political views…



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