Alan Simpson: Paul Ryan speaks ‘hard truth’

Tomer Ovadia

Former Sen. Alan Simpson, co-chairman of the Simpson-Bowles commision on debt and deficit reduction, on Friday called Paul Ryan “a spokesman of hard truth against fakery.”

“He encourages me. Erskine [Bowles] and I felt he was one of the sharpest guys we dealt with,” Simpson said on Fox News. “He doesn’t have to have a staff member there feeding him stuff and little memos. He can go a half an hour without a note. He knows the issues.”

“He also said to us — I think a year and a half ago — you know, ‘If we can’t get something done in America, there’s no need for me to smash my head into the wall around here, I have things to do back in Wisconsin,’” Simpson recalled. “And now, this thing [the GOP vice presidential nomination] comes to him, I don’t think he was seeking it, but let me tell you, he becomes a spokesman of hard truth against fakery…

…“I didn’t think that Erskine would ever say that we would go over the fiscal cliff, but Erskine says we will go over that cliff now.”

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