All Your Kids Are Belong to Us

Ken Shepherd

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry lamenting how we don’t think of kids as public property.

[Lean Forward spot aired shortly before 11 a.m. Eastern on April 4, 2013 on MSNBC]



H/T The Virginian

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Update: Bowdoin responds at PowerLine.

And more indoctrination from MSNBC, Cringe-Inducing: MSNBC Host Uses Young Daughter to Push Gay Marriage, Asks Her If She’d ‘Marry a Girl’


Update 2: Child’s Play  at Babalú Blog:



Read more at Babalú.

Also, Sarah Palin on Harris-Perry’s ‘Kids Belong to Their Communities’ Comment: ‘Unflipping Believable’


Update 3: More on the Bowdoin story at Legal Insurrection: The “guts to stand up and say it” on campus


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