Allah in the Family: 5 ways Sharia is impacting America right now

Sally Meininger
2010 August 21

Omar M. Ahmad, founder of CAIR said,

Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.

The imam of the Ground Zero mosque has said much the same. Their idea is that U.S. must submit to Sharia Law. For example, that means U.S. laws against the rape of children would mean nothing because Sharia allows men to marry girls as young as nine.

That Muslims want Sharia here in the United States is no secret, but many still think it’s nothing more than a fringe nuisance. To underestimate the political zeal of radical Muslims to institute Sharia right here in the Land of the Free is foolishness, especially when so many of our own are in favor of it.

What would it really look like to see Sharia in the daily lives of American families?

It’s not hard to imagine because it’s already happening. Right here. Right now.


Faisal Shazad, accused of the being the alledged "Times Square Bomber"

Men submitted to Sharia can stay busy learning how to be intolerant of other points of view while making sure to have a full beard. Prayers to Mecca and observing Muslim holidays take up quite a bit of time as well. And then there are the protests against Israel and keeping the family finances Sharia compliant. After a hard day submitting to Sharia, all a man wants is a good meal and a little respect from his wife(ves). But sometimes they need a little discipline when they burn the dinner.


Women have half the rights of a man under Sharia, so that makes her job of being an obedient Sharia wife that much easier. She must stay home (or be subject to rape and thereby guilty of adultery), so that cuts down on all those tedious errands to run. And if her husband has the three other wives allowed by Sharia, she’ll have plenty of help with the chores. Of course, she better be on her toes to keep her husband happy. Beatings or death for disobedience or miscarriage can be a real bitch. Thank goodness for the burka which conceals those embarrassing bruises…

…Freedom to worship is in our Constitution, but it also implies freedom from worship. Sharia doesn’t give us that choice…Forces are already at work here, and many are key players are in the Obama administration

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