Allen West’s web TV program premieres 4 February

Allen West Won’t Run Against Murphy in 2014 for Lost Seat

16 Jan 2013

Allen West announced Wednesday that he will not be running in 2014 for the seat he lost to Rep. Patrick Murphy.

“My sights and objectives, political and otherwise, are focused on something far greater,” the former Republican Florida representative told the Palm Beach Post.

West lost to Murphy, D-Fla., in a close race in November. A tea party darling, he garnered much support from conservatives who wanted him to run for the position again. However, with politics out of the picture, he is turning his sights on his new television show on PJ Media’s Next Generation TV web site…

In a video on the site introducing the new show, West says, “We’ll shine a spotlight on the challenges facing young Americans, whether it be out-of-control spending, crushing debt, or unacceptable levels of unemployment. These issues threaten the opportunities of the next generation and our nation’s collective future.”

The first show is scheduled for Feb. 4. The programming will spawn videos, talk shows, newsletters, and events around the country. West will work as director of Next Generation’s programming, he said in a statement…

Read the complete article at Newsmax.

From FNC’s On The Record:

From the same program, Allen West on debt ceiling and Colin Powell

Update: Tonight Allen West posted to his Facebook page:

There’s not a single directive the President announced today that would have prevented the tragedy at Sandy Hook. This is all about extending government control over the lives of law-abiding American citizens.

The administration is focused on “gun control,” but what about “spending control?” Naturally, there’s no acknowledgement of the damaging debt out-of-control spending puts upon the next generation.

The tentacles of tyranny are slowing extending and strengthening their hold on this nation – and too many Americans are oblivious. At this rate, we will not recognize the nation our next generation will inherit.

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