American Thinker: The Alinsky Way Vs. the American Way

By Kyle-Anne Shiver
August 11, 2009

It takes neither a genius, nor a shrink, to see why Alinskyite Democrat pols are so confused by all this 1776 Redux confronting them in their home-district townhalls. Since they are so accustomed to calling up pals in unions and various other community agitators for a little rent-a-mob action to bolster support for their agendas, they naturally project this tactic onto anyone opposing their issue positions.

They’ve become so immersed in the Alinsky Way that they’ve nearly plum darned forgotten the American Way, folks.

They seem to be moving closer to tar and feathers by the minute, so I hope they remember American-style angst pdq.

Now, there is a most telling anecdote in Horwitt’s biography of Alinsky, which perfectly demonstrates the fundamental difference between the Alinsky Way and the American Way…

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