Americans find Democratic Leadership Too Liberal for their Tastes & Now Believe Obama’s Promise of Change is Empty

B. Daniel Blatt
Gay Patriot

…We never believed Obama would change the way things were done in the nation’s capital. And now neither do the American people:

Almost two years after Obama declared on election night that “change has come to America,” only 26 percent believe he’s delivered on his promise to end business-as-usual in the capital.

Strikingly, 63 percent of voters under the age of 34 said the president either has not changed Washington or has made it worse.

Meanwhile, again in line with conservative critiques, a “majority of likely voters across 10 key congressional districts say the media have become more partisan in the past five years, according to a new poll from The Hill.

Not just that, “three in five independent voters in key House districts say Congress’s Democratic leadership is to the left of them on the political spectrum“…

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