Americans for Prosperity Blasts Latest Attempt to Impose Climate Tax

Senate Climate Bill Punishes Families and Grows Government

WASHINGTON—The free-market grassroots nonprofit Americans for Prosperity (AFP) today released the following statement in response to the introduction of Senators Boxer and Kerry’s energy bill. AFP President Tim Phillips:

Senators Boxer and Kerry have found a way to craft a climate tax bill that is even worse than the Waxman-Markey energy tax passed by the House. With more severe emission restrictions and even more government spending, the impact of this bill will be even more devastating.

Supporters of this cap-and-trade energy tax deny the huge impact it will have on citizens, but the American people know and are rising up to fight it.

California and Massachusetts representatives and senators continue to introduce climate bills that push their own radical agenda at the expense of families throughout the nation. For the past year, I have traveled the country and met thousands of hardworking Americans who are hurting and cannot afford this bill.

Senators Boxer and Kerry also refuse to tell us how emission permits will be allocated, which the public needs to know. We saw very clearly during the House debate that permits were used to buy votes from lawmakers who were rightly concerned about the impact on their districts. The gifting of permits amounted to—as White House Budget Director Peter Orszag said—the “largest corporate welfare program that has ever been enacted in the history of the United States.” The Senate must not repeat this travesty and the Senate draft’s lack of details on this point is unacceptable.

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