America’s Children Come Home to Roost

Stella Paul
American Thinker

Do you think the young gent from Occupy Wall Street who defecated on the cop car got an A in “Dialectics of Hegemony”?

The hordes of pathetic, dead-eyed pagans pustulating through our cities with Occupy Wall Street are the crowning achievement of America’s academy.

Thousands of vampires with PhDs labored for decades to perfect the art of sucking the souls from America’s trusting young, and then hustling them into the slavery of terminal stupidity.

How obedient these foul-smelling young wretches are! How touchingly eager they are to please! They sit on the ground in kindergarten formation, obligingly parroting whatever hellish nihilism oozes from the “microphone leader’s” lips:  “Everything is possible!  You can have sex with animals!”  Up go the “happy hands” in dutiful response.  They so want to be good!

A British paper informs us that Bard College students are gracing the Occupy Wall Street throngs in New York, playing hookey on their $57,000 a year classes.  Or are they?  I suspect they’re apple-polishing for extra credit.  Last year, that towering intellectual, Bard’s Leon Botstein became the first college president to welcome the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) as an official campus organization.

Attention Bard parents, who thought you were shelling out a fortune to put a little artsy sheen on your precious darlings! Actually, you were thrusting them into the hands of the ISM, a terrorist-enabling group awarded a gold medal by Hamas for all their lovely help…

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