America’s Slow Turning from Freedomphobia

Jim O’Neill
Gulag Bound

In the tradition of the left-wing’s penchant for coining new words (such as “homophobia” and “Islamophobia”), I feel that “we the people” ought to have a word to describe the Progressive’s fear, or phobia, of freedom — “freedomphobia.”  Link  Link

The core fear of Freedomphobes (freephobes) is the dread of taking personal responsibility for anything.   They love the “blame game,” and blame anything and everyone but themselves, for all of their woes — real or imagined.  The more controlled and regulated their environment the better, to their thinking — makes it easier to know who and what to point their finger at.  Freedom scares them.

Freedomphobes mistake licentiousness and chaos for liberty and freedom.  They call indentured servitude to the government a patriotic duty (your duty — not theirs), and they equate their spending your money, with charity and largesse.  The more that their unbridled greed and corruption bother their conscience (those that have one), the more “charitable” they become with your money.

Freedomphobes are by their very nature unpatriotic, not to mention un-American.  They fear freedom, so how could it be otherwise?  They fear America’s greatness, promise, and freedom, hence they seek to tear down and belittle America however, and whenever, they can.

Freephobes hate freedom.  They want to rein it in, trample on it, and destroy it…

…how did freedomphobia take root so perniciously in a freedom loving country like America?  The short answer is, through the stealthy, long-term spread of secularism, political correctness, polymorphous perversity, relativism, and various Marxist/Fascist teachings — aided and abetted by a leftist media, and an American populace that was largely asleep at the wheel.

As far as the “asleep at the wheel” thing goes, I stand guilty as charged.  Like millions of Americans I was blissfully unaware that the federal government had turned into Frankenstein’s monster, and was about to run amok in the village…

The complete article, with a music video by John Hiatt, is at Gulag Bound.

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