An Explosive Case Against The TSA

Shawn Paul
The Western Center for Journalism

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners allowed a woman who tested positive for explosives to slip by them Sunday morning at Newark Liberty International Airport, before creating another explosive situation among waiting passengers.

It was reported that at about 8:45am, the woman slipped through the TSA checkpoint at the airport’s Terminal C before she had been fully screened. By the time the airport was put on lock-down, the woman had already landed on a flight to Cleveland, Ohio, and at last report, she has still not been found by the authorities.

Earlier that morning, TSA employees at the airport misplaced a bag, believed to have belonged to the woman, that also tested positive for trace amounts of explosives. It was finally found sitting on the tarmac after 45 minutes had passed. The Essex County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad finally cleared the bag as posing no threat after another two-and-a-half hours had passed by.

Meanwhile, as this dramatic turn of events unfolded, furious passengers who had waited for hours to board their flights learned that their flights would never leave the ground. The collective security failures Sunday caused over 100 flights to be cancelled and dozens more to be delayed…

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