An Unserious America Gets Mistaken For The Hired Help


…We can probably expect hugging if the U.S. and its partners finally get a nuclear deal with Iran, but the Iranians this week once again reminded us that evil can’t be caressed into good.

Tehran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian confided to the official Iranian news agency on Tuesday that, using diplomatic channels, “we told the Americans that the leaders of the Zionist regime should await the consequences of their act” of killing an Iranian general.

Abdollahian added sarcastically, in a reference to President Obama’s called bluff on chemical weapons in Syria, “the Zionist regime has crossed our red lines.”

A Jan. 18 airstrike in the Golan Heights, almost certainly conducted by Israeli jets, killed Gen. Mohammad Ali Allahdadi, along with a half-dozen Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists.

The “consequences” threatened against the Jewish state for the bombing are likely not to resemble a hug; if Iran today had nuclear weapons, Tel Aviv might find itself within the embrace of a mushroom cloud.

Hugging our adversaries into submission seems to be a favorite State Department diplomatic tool these days…



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