An upcoming ‘climate’ event for America’s public schools

A caller to Glenn Beck’s radio program just mentioned this website. We think parents might want to know more about ‘350: International Day of Climate Action.’

24 October 2009
International Day of Climate Action

On October 24, join people all over the world to take a stand for a safe climate future.

The Science of 350
Scientists say that 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe limit for humanity. Learn more about 350 – what it means, where it came from, and how to get there.

350 Messengers:

Vandana Shiva
David Suzuki
Dr. James Hansen
Van Jones
Bill McKibben
Sheila Watt-Cloutier
Liz Thomson
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
President Mohamed Nasheed

View the website here.

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