An update from Quartzsite, AZ

State of Arizona breaks silence on madness in ‘Nazi’-cop town
Council, chief cop at odds with world since ejecting woman from meeting

Bob Unruh

The town of Quartzsite, Ariz., has been in the headlines several times lately, and a state investigation was launched after such odd reports as:

  • A man was ordered to give up his guns after he allegedly “glared” at a town official.
  • A woman was forcibly removed from a public town meeting by police even though the mayor pleaded her cause.
  • Some sort of secret decision was made to quit paying the mayor, as police officers were wrongly being fired.
  • “Several hundred” emails prompted a declaration of a state of emergency.

Now the state has taken the unusual step of releasing a statement amid its investigation, confirming there is “reasonable cause” to believe officials in Quartzsite, after getting worldwide attention by having officers forcibly remove a woman from speaking at a town-hall meeting, have broken the law.

State Attorney General Tom Horne said about his investigation of Quartzsite…

Read some of the strangest statements you’ll ever see from an elected official at WorldNetDaily. There’s video at the site, as well.

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