Another Christmas Surprise – Dems Roll Out $1.1 Trillion, 1,924-Page Budget Bill

William A. Jacobson
Legal Insurrection

I have warned time and again that the lame duck Democratic Congress could not be trusted, and that the longer it went on, the more mischief Democrats would attempt.  I urged Mitch McConnell and other Republicans in the Senate to do everything within their power to shut down the Senate after passing the bare minimum necessary to keep the government operating until the new Congress was sworn in.

While Senate Republicans could not make Democrats go home, they could bring everything to a halt.  Instead, McConnell showed good faith in negotiating with Obama a “tax deal” and showing a willingness to consider other measures once that deal was passed.

The reward for cooperation with the lame duck Democrats?  The Democrats just dumped a $1.1 trillion budget bill  and are preparing to move it to a vote with no chance for review or debate…

And if you thought the fight was just against Democrats, according to The Hill, outgoing Republicans Bond, Voinivich and Bennett, plus Susan Colllins, all have expressed a willingness to consider voting for the omnibus.

How much damage can Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans do in two weeks?  Priceless.

The complete article is at Legal Insurrection.

At, Boehner to Obama: If you’re serious about earmarks, veto the new spending bill; Update: Dissect the bill yourself, and “A total mess”: GOP in revolt over massive new $1.1 trillion spending bill: “All hell is breaking loose.”

Update: From Michelle Malkin, Reid warns: We’ll stretch this lame-duck out until Jan. 5 if we have to; Update: Omnibus-a-palooza!

Update 2: At, RedState Action Alert: Dissect the Omnibus:

…Republican lawmakers — including those in the lower chamber, like Speaker-elect John Boehner — are already vowing to help kill the appropriations measure, which freezes 2010’s $3.5 trillion budget for the following year without allowing for any spending cuts.

Offered in the waning days of the present congressional session, the bill designates $80 million in federal funds for the preservation of Pacific salmon and $14 million in clean water grants for Alaska’s native population. Of course, it doesn’t end there…

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