Another College Campus, More Pitchfork Justice

A university president loses his job for giving young women advice on how to avoid sexual assault.

John Fund
National Review Online

In the wake of the collapse of the Rolling Stone“gang rape” story last week, it’s time to consider what happened last month to Robert Jennings, the outgoing president of suburban Philadelphia’s Lincoln University, the nation’s first degree-granting historically black university. I note that Jennings is “outgoing” because he was just fired by his board over a four-minute YouTube excerpt of a 26-minute speech he gave to his school’s All Women’s Convocation in September…

…Jennings did have some defenders on the left. Boyce Watkins, a liberal African-American scholar at Syracuse University who has often clashed with Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, said what Jennings told his students was an attempt to “empower women by educating them to the ways of men, and also warning them on how to protect themselves from sexual assault.” He called for “conversations where the other side of the dialogue isn’t automatically squashed into oblivion.”

If we are to have an honest discussion, we have to start with the facts that are in play…



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