Another Obama-funded electric car goes up in flames, endangers entire neighborhood with massive blaze

Doug Ross
Director Blue

Fisker Automotive, which absconded with $530 million of your money to build $100,000 electric cars in Finland, has encountered a series of all-too-predictable disasters.

First came word that under certain random circumstances, such as letting the battery run down, the entire vehicle could become “bricked” — or permanently ruined…

…Yesterday, another Fisker spontaneously combusted. The owner parked in a Woodside, CA parking lot, entered a grocery store to shop, and returned shortly thereafter to a burning vehicle.

Like the prior incident, the car was new, had never been damaged in a collision, was not plugged in and was not running.

It is worth noting that the car was parked in a heavily wooded area also suffering from a drought; the Fisker could therefore have touched off a significant wildfire. I wonder what the carbon footprint of a wildfire is?

The good news for Fisker? The problem could be in the battery, which is not made by Fisker, but is manufactured by a different company called A123 systems.

The bad news for taxpayers? A123 systems received a quarter of a billion dollars in Obama green grant money.

How many billions of dollars has this administration flushed down the toilet in pursuit of the enviro-Statist agenda? Hopefully the investigations will begin in January.

The complete article, with burning photos, is at Director Blue.

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