Anti-Jarrett Author Faces Backlash – Scrambles For Cover

D.W. Ulsterman

Last week The New Republic’s Noam Scheiber (among other media figures) published a not entirely gushing/supportive view of the role and influence Valerie Jarrett has upon the Obama White House. This week the author of that piece is now offering a bit of a revision to the original work after receiving an onslaught of criticism for daring to reveal the woman behind the Obama curtain…

It would appear the New Republic article caught the attention of Jarrett herself, and soon the liberal media machine was pushing back against Scheiber’s interpretation. This week then begins with Scheiber issuing a follow up article that sounds very close to an apology for publishing his insights on the Iranian-born Jarrett who refuses to leave the White House even as top Democratic Party leaders quietly suggest it is long time past that she go.

What Scheiber likely already knows, though refuses to acknowledge, is that once one is forced to explain their explanation, the debate is most often won by the other side. It is also another message to any who might think to attempt what Scheiber and the New Republic did in detailing the odd and ongoing influence of the Jarrett White House – WE WILL COME AFTER YOU…



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