Anti-war Protests Planned for Obama’s UK Visit

Daily Mail [UK]
23rd May 2011

Barack Obama is to be met with a wave of protests when he lands in the UK tomorrow.

The U.S. President’s banquet at Buckingham Palace tomorrow evening will be marred by a demonstration expected to be attended by many hundreds of people.

Stop the War Coalition (STWC) – who are against what the U.S. is doing in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya – have voiced their plans to picket the President’s official visit, but more protest groups are expected.

‘Obama doesn’t inspire the same degree of anger as George Bush did, but it is important to have a protest against what is in many ways a continuation of Bush policy in America,’ a spokesman from STWC told the Independent.

‘We are still seeing bombing in Afghanistan and know that under Obama, the number of drone attacks in Pakistan has actually increased.’

A spokesman at Metropolitan Police said: ‘We will be policing Buckingham Palace, but we can not discuss any security measures for the US president coming into the country, for obvious reasons.’

CAJ note: “Obama doesn’t inspire the same degree of anger as George Bush did…” What? And why not? Can any of these hypocrites please tell us why, when Obama’s policies are mostly GWB’s in over-drive?

The Obamas are in Ireland today and the Daily Mail has that story with photos. Let’s see how they manage to treat the Queen and other British hosts this week, given their already-dim track record.

Map of Europe detailing this week's trip to Europe by U.S. President Obama. Click on the image to enlarge.

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