AP: Obama Mocks Tax Protesters

Dan Riehl

The one is amused. He honestly thinks he can still control the narrative the way he did during the campaign. Instapundit is posting reports from around the country. I’ve seen reports on Twitter of 25,000 in DC, 10,000 plus in Madison and Barry is amused. Keep laughing right through to November, bud. We’ll see who’s laughing then.

Obama makes light of anti-tax protests

MIAMI (AP) — President Barack Obama says he’s amused by the anti-tax tea party protests that have been taking place around Tax Day.

Obama told a fundraiser in Miami on Thursday that he’s cut taxes, contrary to claims of protesters.

He says he’s been a little amused over the past couple of days when people at the rallies complained about taxes.

Quoting the president: “You would think they’d be saying thank you.”

At HotAir.com Allahpundit writes:

…Let’s see. For starters, he’s lying: He has raised some taxes, contrary to his campaign pledge two years ago. But more than that, he seems almost to be laughing at people for being concerned about deficits…

…Tax hikes are simply a fait accompli, due in no small part to The One’s own unprecedented spending, and we’d probably have them already if not for his political cowardice in refusing to demand them before his reelection bid. And yet here he is, actually patting himself on the back for being a tax-cutter. Unbelievable.

Read the whole thing at HotAir.com

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