Apocalypse Soon


It’s getting weird out there. The arc of far outer ism’s are coming full circle and colliding.
When the far left meets the far right, what happens?
Do they start shooting each other, or do they look at each other and storm the White House?
The guns are showing up at Occupy camps.
It’s getting interesting.

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CAJ note: At IOTW commenter “WhiteFalcon1” writes:

“This guys face and bio are also posted at an army airborne ranger/ spec ops site…he’s a poser!

“He’s been run out of gun shows, VFW’s, Post Clubs, arrested for impersonating an army officer, and has been investigated by the Fibbies, and is an all around douchebag by all accounts! The army has NO record of his existence….LOSER!!!!”

At GatewayPundit, Grand Wizard of the KKK Endorses #OWS – Neo-Nazis Patrol #OccupyPhoenix With AR-15s… Media Silent

Jim Hoft identifies this man as JT Ready and Jason Todd (J.T.) Ready, a “Neo-Nazi with a long criminal record and who received a bad-conduct discharge from the Marines in 1996.”

Read the whole thing at GatewayPundit

Common American Journal welcomes readers from This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here.

JT marching with Nazis on September 1, 2007, in Omaha, Nebraska

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