Non-Black America Experiences a Paradigm Shift

John Ross
American Thinker

There is a sea change occurring in America fifty years after MLK Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. This paradigm shift is spreading with the growing realization among our citizens that Black America (including our president) seems to hate Non-Black America. Temper this sweeping statement with the fact that blacks in America may genuinely like non-black individuals, just as whites in 1850 who believed blacks were a lower form of life still knew individual black men they respected for their particular talents and/or character. However, if we take specific individual knowledge out of the equation, on the whole, being black trumps everything else for blacks in America today. This is not true of any other ethnic or racial group…

…White, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, and other non-black citizens don’t identify at all with the violent criminals that share their ethnicity. The fact that blacks in America seem to sympathize with black thugs and don’t publicly condemn them for their crimes leads non-blacks to one conclusion: for blacks, being black trumps all other legal, moral, and ethical considerations. If you aren’t black, Black America sees you as its oppressor, and, by extension, its enemy. That’s out in the bright sunlight now, and everyone is beginning to see it.


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Update: Ed Asner Explains Hollywood Silence on Obama, Syria: They ‘Don’t Want to Feel Anti-Black’

The good news for President Barack Obama as he considers a military response against Syria for using chemical weapons against rebels is that he probably won’t have to deal with a similar anti-war movement from Hollywood. But that’s not because there isn’t opposition. It’s just not organized…




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