Army Vet Returns to Iraq to Teach Christians to Defend Themselves Against Islamic State

“People say, ‘You’re crazy for doin’ this.'” “I think people are crazy for not doing their part, to be honest with you.”

Stephen Gutowski
The Washington Free Beacon

…Christians have been persecuted by IS since it began its rampage across Iraq. Many have been driven from their homes or forced to convert by the terrorist group.

“They’re under-funded. They don’t have good weapons. They’re completely outgunned by the Islamic State,” Lara Logan said. “When you’re with them, you have this terrible feeling that many of them would be massacred if the Islamic State really turned its attention to taking back those villages.”

But help has begun to arrive from a handful of Christians, like Felton, who are traveling to Iraq from abroad. On the day Newton was in Bakufa, Felton was training the men in urban warfare — how to enter and clear a room, how to check for suicide vests, and how to drag your wounded to safety.

Felton said is completely committed to helping the Iraqi Christians.

“People say, ‘You’re crazy for doin’ this,’” Felton told Newton. “I think people are crazy for not doing their part, to be honest with you.”…

The complete article, with video, is at The Washington Free Beacon.



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