‘As a Mom…A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots’

From this newly-formed group’s website:

Network of principled mothers, grandmothers, daughters, & guardians of our nation’s children dedicated to the 9 Principles & 12 Values.

Welcome to “As a Mom…”

On Friday September 25, 2009 Glenn Beck had a special entitled “The Mother’s Challenge: A 9.12 Project.” During the final thoughts section Dr. Frank I. Luntz said, “If you begin everything with ‘as a mom…‘ You win.” That thought, and a brilliant comment by Nancy, during a discussion of the feeling of being alone, referring to her friends calling themselves “Sisterhood of the mommy patriots,” were the inspirations for starting this site.

The purpose of this group is to give a forum for moms of all types to come together to discuss and resolve issues. Through the centuries women a have bonded together to teach and mentor one another. In the spirit of those foremothers let us now come together. Many of you have questions, some of you have answers. Some of you may know what textbooks teach a good history of our nation. Others can mentor a first time school board candidate…

In addition to the 9 values we add this one: Children are a gift from God and a sacred responsibility

If you can begin your statement or question with “As a mom…” then it belongs here. (No you don’t need to begin the statement that way.) All I ask is that we treat one another possible differing views with the same respect that we teach our children to use.

You are not alone. We are the mothers of 9/12.

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